"CFM Software Carpentry Track: Introduction to Scientific Python"

Who: Iņigo Aldazabal Mensa

Place: CFM Computer Room

Date: Thursday, 4 May 2017, 09:30

(please note, the correct date is Thursday, May the 4th)

CFM Software Carpentry Track: Introduction to Scientific Python

The CFM Software Carpentry Tracks(*) consist on individual, whole morning, hands on sessions, following the Software Carpentry Workshops philosophy and materials (see below), and aimed to the CFM/DIPC/nanoGUNE research community. Typical tracks will cover subjects such as: bash, version control with git, Python programming, data analysis, Python/C/FORTRAN interfacing, etc.

Our first track, "Introduction to Scientific Python", will be held at the CFM Computer Room, on Thursday May the 4th, from 9:30 to 13:30.

The topics covered will be (see https://github.com/iamc/cfmsctracks-20170504-ScientificPython for course syllabus and materials):
  • An overview of the Scientific Python (SciPy) ecosystem.
  • A short introduction to the Jupyter notebooks web based interactive computational environment.
  • An introduction to NumPy.
  • A very short practical introduction to Matplotlib.
  • A guided hands-on demonstration of some of the SciPy library subpackages.

As the number of seats are limited, please register at:


About Software Carpentry

Software Carpentry is a volunteer organization whose goal is to make scientists more productive, and their work more reliable, by teaching them basic computing skills

Computing is now an integral part of every aspect of science, but most scientists are never taught how to build, use, validate, and share software well. As a result, many spend hours or days doing things badly that could be done well in just a few minutes. Our goal is to change that so that scientists can spend less time wrestling with software and more time doing useful research.

(*) For more information about the CFM Software Carpentry Tracks please contact Iņigo Aldazabal

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