"Fundamental Physics from the First Detections of Cosmological Neutrinos, Axions and Gravitational Waves. LAST MINUTE CANCELLATION"

Who: Tom Broadhurst, Ikerbasque Professor, UPV/EHU

Place: Donostia International Physics Center

Date: Friday, 1 December 2017, 12:00

I provide the first direct experimental evidence that the ubiquitous Dark Matter includes a small fraction of massive neutrinos (0.11eV summed over 3 flavours) 

with the rest composed of light axions (10^{-22}eV) in a Bose-Einstein state, motivated by String Theory. We have made the first cosmological simulations in this context, demonstrating the vast network of structure in the Universe is a beautiful interference pattern, with a standing solitonic wave at the center of every galaxy, representing the ground state. We have detected such a dark soliton in new detailed measurements of stars and gas at the center of our Galaxy.

Furthermore, the popular "primordial black hole" interpretation of the Dark Matter 

motivated by strong LIGO events is excluded by our new Hubble Space Telescope discovery of individual stars detected through the huge intervening columns of dark matter in galaxy clusters.  Instead, these gravitational wave sources can be better interpreted as cosmologically distant, lower mass colliding black holes of stellar origin, that are lensed by intervening galaxies.

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